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11 November 2013  Cocoon Vol. 9

Venue: Chakaiki, Tokyo
(大京町2-4 サウンドビル1F
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3551-7904)

Open/Start: 19:30/20:00
Admission: 1800 yen (incl. 1 drink)

Christophe Charles

Limited space capacity. So better make a reservation per mail to
cue [at] murmurrec.sakura.ne.jp (murmur records).

Access map: Chakaiki

Cocoon Vol.9

25 September 2013  MugaMuchu Vol.1 (無我夢中 vol. 1)

Venue: Bar Bonobo (bonobo.jp), Tokyo
Start: 20:00. Admission: Free
Lives by:
Marx (DJ)

Access map: Bar Bonobo: How to go (bonobo.jp), Tokyo

MugaMuchu Vol.1

11 August 2013  Possible Atmosphere Vol. 2

Venue : Daikanyama Murmur Records
Start:15:00 Admission:500 yen (1 drink)
ライブ :
15:00–15:30 Mark Sadgrove+Ryoji Kato
15:40–16:10 CARRE
16:20–16:50 Motoko Kikkawa+Straytone+Takashi Masubuchi
17:00–17:30 Legofriendly

12 December 2012  Elektron Japan Event– System Exclusive Vol. 1

Venue: Bar Bonobo (bonobo.jp), Tokyo
Start: 19:30. Admission: 1000 yen (1 drink included)
Lives by SKAB/T, Potato Die, Legofriendly
DJ: Simon (Elektron)

19:30: Start
19:30–20:30: DJ Simon
20:30–21:00: Legofriendly
21:15–21:45: Potato Die
22:00–22:15: Special Event!
22:30–23:00: SKAB/T
23:00–close: DJ Simon

For a venue access map visit the Elektron Japan Event page on Facebook.

off the grid

29–30 Mai 2010  Off The Grid 2

Live: (29 Mai 15:00 – 30 Mai 10:00)
・orga (vibrant recordings)
・sabi (SAAG / monotonik / merck)
・djoto (subconscious records)
・Hardliner (Musou Production)
・nessILL (opuesto / submeditate)
・seap (opuesto / submeditate)
・meno (ilinx)
Legofriendly (scriptones + special guest [intervall-audio])
・marx (freeta corrective)
・skab/t (freeta corrective)

For all details (access map, etc.), please visit the freeta corrective website.

off the grid

22 Mai 2010  Dynamo Raw Sessions #11

Live music:
Scriptones & Heike Bors
Heike Bors
Taneda Maya
DJs: Tati Preuss a.k.a. Ole Lale
Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjornet
WHERE: Dynamo, Koenji
Tokyo, 3-1-1 Ashahi Bldg. 1F, Koenjikita, Suginami-Ku, 166-0002 Tokyo-to
WHEN: 8pm-3am, 500 yen
MAP: http://alturl.com/3jcq
FLYER: http://freepdfhosting.com/76147de347.pdf

dynamo - rawsessions 11

16 April 2010  Legofriendly, Cevin Key, Coppe @ Club Motion, Shinjuku

Cevin Key Solo (from Skinny Puppy)
Legofriendly Coppe' + support
Marx, skab/T

cevin key

7–11 October 2009  

Approximation 7:1 – pieces for solo piano
A piano festival at the Salon des Amateur in Dusseldorf and a special concert by Ryuichi Sakamoto at Tonhalle Dusseldorf.

Eve Risser Trio — 07.10.2009: 21:00 @ Salon des Amateurs
Nils Frahm — 08.10.2009, 21:00 @ Salon des Amateurs
Peter Broderick — 08.10.2009, 21:00 @ Salon des Amateurs
Ryuichi Sakamoto — 09.10.2009, 20:00 @ Tonhalle Dusseldorf
Acid Pauli — 09.10.2009, 21:00 @ Salon des Amateurs
Dustin O'Halloran — 10.10.2009, 21:00 @ Salon des Amateurs
Magda Mayas & Tony Buck — 10.10.2009, 21:00 @ Salon des Amateurs
Philipp Corner — 11.10.2009, 21:00 @ Salon des Amateurs
White Tree — 11.10.2009, 21:00 @ Salon des Amateurs

For further detail, ticket reservation and prices (10 to 12 euros), please visit:

Salon des Amateurs, Grabbeplatz 4, 40213 Duesseldorf.
Tonhalle Dusseldorf, Ehrenhof 1, 40479 Dusseldorf.

29 Oktober 2009  (Thu)

"Vom Nutzen des Augenblicks" – Musik und Worte
Live: Hans Joachim Roedelius (Cluster) / Stefan Schneider (Mapstation)

Venue: Berger Kirche, Berger Strasse 18b, 40213 Dusseldorf
Start: 21:00. Advance: 8 euro. Door: 12 euro

cluster mapstation

27 September 2009  (Sun)

Obake Yashiki – the 16th psalm
Concert: horrendered in the kindergarten!
Live: Oppelganger Sex Trio, Scriptones, Shigai, Palimpsest with Kikuchi Misako

Venue:Bar Gari Gari, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Ikenoue
Start: 18:00–23:00, door: 500 yen
Gari Gari: Ikenoue station on Inogashira line

Obake Yashiki is a Tokyo underground live noise music concert series. This month sees a mogadon splinterfuck orgy to sully the most erudite of occasions.

Oppelganger Sex Trio — The holy contour of the shopping bag juxtaposed upon the yielding curve of Dick Cheney's rotting mind in a carpark with songs.

Scriptones — Disco eviscerations from the nonth world.

Shigai — A brutal contraption, meeting out the very best in vigilante justice and Wigan pop. International debut.

Palimpsest with Kikuchi Misako — Will be on hand to drain the kankers and pardon the executed with some totally gnarly improvised music and dance. Cal Lyall (Fallopian Disco Force, Tetragrammaton, Jahiliyyah) and Kelly Churko (AKBK, Nikkasen) will join forces to create a canuck hymnal snowmoose and jawgristle. For Obake they will be joined by mysterious guests and accompanied by the quicksilver sixstepper, miss Kikuchi Misako.

obake yashiki 16

8 September 2009  (Tue)

Test Tone vol. 49 || DIY Night!
An Arts and Crafts Movement for the New Millennium
— Lead Sister II, Onnacodomo, Scriptones, Ningen Dog Orchestra—

Venue: Super Deluxe, open: 20:00, door: free
Super Deluxe: 106-0031東京都 港区 西麻布3.1.25 B1F
Tel: 03.5412.0515 | http://www.super-deluxe.com

test-tone vol. 48 || DIY Night

lead sister Lead Sister II  (Homemade instrumentalist)
While not exactly following in the footsteps of the original Lead Sister (aka Karen Carpenter), Lead Sister II (aka Joshua Hume) could very well hold the key to unlocking the next pop sensation.

Using a collection of self-crafted musical instruments, Lead Sister II exorcises swampy rhythms, barrelhouse melodies, and the whirr and whizz of clocks arranged in a kalimba countdown. The performance could be likened to something part circus-tout delivery, part gospel preacher, and the sounds are thick indeed. This night, Lead Sister II will be bringing some rarified spring contraptions to the stage, while he echoes the remains of the muggy summer in a creaky carnivalesque romp. Come be the first to dance.
Lead Sister II

onnacodomo Onnacodomo  (Special live)
Taking their inspiration from moments and objects from everyday life, visual unit Onnacodomo make the ordinary decidedly extraordinary. Eschewing computer-generated graphics or recorded material, the three members (DJ Codomo, Yasuko Seki and Ruka Noguchi) perform in real time using a video camera to capture their spontaneous creations.

Shimmering projections are created using water, mirrors and an array of lights, while a world of fantastic images is constructed with found photos, kitchen utensils, toys, stationary and improvised artwork. Kaleidoscopic, absurd and unreal, Onnacodomo takes you into a slightly-unhinged world that is absolutely original in its conception.

On this special night, Onnacodomo will be performing a rare live performance using their own original sound manipulations.

scriptones Scriptones  (Disruptive circuit bending)
Stan Eberlein once again steps out of the loosely composed bounce of Legofriendly and into a slightly more improvised setting with Scriptones, his solo incarnation. Armed with an old Yamaha drum machine, a crappy effector, and some deftly chosen field recordings, Stan looks deep into the world of interrupted sound, and sound as interruption.

By attaching cables and using his hands in the open circuits of the electronics, he is able to throw well-conceived, yet seemingly random, elements of noise into our living spaces. One might imagine it's a little bit like walking around this big old city, but without the pressing engagements.

ningendog Ningen Dog Orchestra  (Cheerleader puppies)
Everybody knows that if humans live with animals long enough, they eventually start to resemble each other. These anthropomorphic circuit-bent canines take it one step further. Not only do they creepily resemble their human counterparts, but they've been loaded with twisted electronics that have them flipping, barking, and chasing their transistor tails.

Conducted by super utako, 23N! & Yosei (two of whom make up modified-instrument noise-improv unit No Fork Droise), the noise should meld with the yip and the yap of this singular orchestra for an altogether different kind of petting zoo.
Ningen Dog Orchestra

28 June 2009  (Sun)

A-dapter vol.01
Experimental/Improvisation live event
Live: Scriptones, Philippe Chatelain, Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjornet,
Kumiko Okamura, Shigehiro Tsubota

Venue:Gamuso, Asagaya, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Start: 16:00–23:00, door: 1,000 yen (including 1 drink)
Gamuso: 2-12-5, Asagaya-kita, 166-0001 Tokyo || http://www.gamuso.com

adapter vol.01

23 May 2009  (Sat)

Photo exhibition (opening party)
Photos: Heike Bors — "Schoene Neue Welt"
With live music by Legofriendly

Venue:Combine, Nakameguro, Tokyo
Start: 15:00–18:00, door: free
Combine: 1-10-23-103, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku || http://www.combine.jp

silent neighbours

15 May 2009  (Fri)

pyramid of mars !
LIVE: Coppe (with Fred Viennot + Zak Bond + special guest: Kettel),
Jemapur, Sabi, Taishin Inoue, Legofriendly
DJ: Shigeo, Coni
VJ: Ben Sheppe, Pokhara

Venue:SOLFA, Nakameguro, Tokyo
Start: 22:00–5:00, door: 2.500 yen/1d, 2.000 yen with flyer
SOLFA: 1-20-5 , Aobadai : Oak bldg. B1

pyramid of mars pyramid of mars

1 April 2009  (Wed)

Visualux: Notations 2 — Shantell Martin DVD release party
An audiovisual immersive experience, with an interactive + cinematic edge.
Screening: Koob's & Notations 2
Installation: "Hidden Ora" by Shantell Martin
Music / VJs: Shantell Martin vs Legofriendly, Devil Robots vs Beat Galore Friction, San Frandisco, Ben Sheppee, Flapper3, Flux, Masato Tsutsui vs Aosawa, DJ SAZA

Venue:Super Deluxe, Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo
Start: 18:30–2:00, door: 1500 yen w/1d.
Super Deluxe: 106-0031東京都 港区 西麻布3.1.25 B1F
Tel: 03.5412.0515 | http://www.super-deluxe.com

Visualux Visualux

SCREENINGS: (19:30–20:30) (Japan Premiere)
>Koob's – Digital sketch Artist shares new experiments
>Notations 02 – A global compilation of top visual artists

INSTALLATION: (19:30–20:30)
>Hidden Ora – By Shantell Martin

PERFORMANCE: (20:30–25:00)
>Shantell Martin vs Legofriendly – Shantell sketches to Test-tone's resident clicks and beeps
>Devil Robots vs Beat Galore Friction – Diverse rock / Funk / Electronic live quartet
>San Frandisco – DVJ artist working next generation techniques
>Ben Sheppee – eclectic audiovisual mix by Lightrhythmvisuals label founder
>Flapper3 – Tokyo's notorious Japanese visual group perform new work.
>Flux – Premiere Audiovisual performance from new talent
>Masato Tsutsui vs Aosawa – Cutting edge VJ with realtime visualization set to top tokyo DJ
>DJ SAZA – Fresh from France, Top Paris DJ brings fresh from EU

29 September 2008  (Mon)

Soundroom Vol.24  –SOUND&EMOTION—
Live: fjordne, liliyqMay, Bergbahn+Scriptones
DJ: Kuknacke, Taro Nijikama, Yasufumi Suzuki

Venue:Super Deluxe, Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo
Open/start: 19:00、door: 1000 yen
Super Deluxe: 106-0031東京都 港区 西麻布3.1.25 B1F
Tel: 03.5412.0515 | http://www.super-deluxe.com

liliyqMay's ambient and abstract sound scapes made of harmonies and rhythms. fjordne's sound textures with a "twist in time" that bring everyday sounds to life. Tracks of stoic and minimal nature by Bergbahn and Scriptones.
SOUND & EMOTION: three acts with different approaches presenting music that is intense yet relaxing to listen to — an emotionally engulfing experience.

Soundroom 24

27 July 2008  (Sun)

Seco Bar
Line-up: Norix, Chaos Theory, Legofriendly

Venue: Seco Bar, Shibuya, Tokyo
18:00, start 19:00free
Seco Bar: Tokyo、Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 1-11-1
Phone:03-6418-8141 | www.secobar.jp

24 July 2008  (Thu)

Jetsam pt. II || Kyoto
Otograph, Legofriendly, Midori Hirano, Ken'ichi Itoi (PsysEx)+Hosomi+Aen

Venue:UrBANGUILD (Kyoto) (アクセスマップ)
Start18:30adv. 1500 (+1drink) / Door 1800 (+1drink)
UrBANGUILD: 京都市中京区木屋町三条下ルニュー京都ビル3F
Tel:075-212-1125 | http://www.urbanguild.net/

Jetsam pt. II || Kyoto

Line-up: OTOGRAPH, an Onkyo and graphic art duo from Kyoto... Tokyo-based funky pop electronica unit LEGOFRIENDLY... Kyoto's own MIDORI HIRANO on piano and electronics... as well as a three-man improv collaboration comprising Kyoto-based KEN'ICHI ITOI's (aka Psysex), HOSOMI's ambient solo unit, and AEN's solo project.


Jetsam pt. II || bands

Otograph  (music & visuals)
Otograph homepage

Legofriendly  (pop electronica)
Legofriendly homepageLegofriendly on IA

Midori Hirano  (piano & electronics)
Midori Hirano homepageMidori Hirano on IA

Ken'ichi Itoi (PsysEx)+Hosomi+Aen  (improv collaboration)
Ken'ichi Itoi homepage

Jetsam pt. II || Kyoto

Download the flyer [ here]

7 July 2008  (Sun)

White Akihabara
R821 presents "White Akihabara"
Line-up: RODEO, 水面下ノ空, silentgarden, Coppe, Legofriendly

Venue:Club Goodman, Akihabara, Tokyo (アクセスマップ)
Open 18:30, start 19:00、Adv. 2,000, Door 2,500
Club Godman: A.S-Bldg.B1F, 55, Kanda-Sakumagashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0026
Tel:03-3862-9010 | http://www.clubgoodman.com

22 May 2008  (sun)

Jetsam pt. I || Tokyo
Washbear, Legofriendly, Hosomi+Aen, skab/T, Drummatic, Shantell Martin

Venue:Bul-Let's (Tokyo) (access map)
open: 18:30, door: 2000 (incl. 1drink)
Tel:03-3401-48445 | http://bul-lets.com

Jetsam pt. I || Tokyo

Download the flyer [ here]

8 April 2008  (Tue)

Test Tone vol. 32 || Adventures in Audiovisual Resonance
Legofriendly, Instant Places, Yukitomo Hamasaki, Tripon —

Venue: Super Deluxe (map), open: 20:00, door: free
Super Deluxe: 106-0031東京都 港区 西麻布3.1.25 B1F
Tel: 03.5412.0515 | http://www.super-deluxe.com

For more detail, please refer to the event info further down.

test-tone vol. 32 || adventures in audiovisual resonance

legofriendly Legofriendly  (electronic music)
Electronica can get pretty dull. In an age of laptop-produced boredom, it's fortunate we have artists who take the time for quality control. A unit with its roots in Tokyo, Germany and England, Legofriendly seems to take the best aspects of all three. Disparate beats and quirky samples are carefully distilled in the frequency lab, then scientifically arranged for maximum cerebral massage. Playfully eccentric yet always accessible, the music strikes the perfect balance between harmonic subtlety and head-nodding rhythms. Tokyo-based ex-pats Stan Eberlein and Peter Slade first formed this unit in 2002, and this night will serve as a pre-release for their second album on the Intervall-audio imprint, Egg Beater. With a full working setup, this performance will be a truly live experience, and surely the best chance to hear their distinct sound before the album release in June.

instant places Instant Places  (audio/video project)
Using a plethora of sources, Ian Birse and Laura Cavanaugh aka Instant Places create captivating works that reinterpret the sights, sounds and spaces of our environments. As a working unit, they investigate how we impose ourselves in our interactions with our surroundings. As artists, they have have a remarkable sense for finding the extraordinary in our everyday experiences, piecing together tapestries of sound and image that interrupt our sense of space. With a number of projects to their credit, including everything from large installation works to noise opera, it's difficult to predict what they have in store. They are going with the theme of 'Tokyo Rodeo' for this month's Test Tone, so it's fair to say that there might be a few accidents. Wear your snakeskin kimono if you've got one.
Instant Places

yukitomo hamasaki Yukitomo Hamasaki  (sound & design)
We first found out about Yukitomo Hamasaki through Philippe Chatelain's Laptop Orchestra, an experiment in collective improvisation where a single sound source is manipulated by a group of laptop-wielding musicians. What we didn't know was that Hamasaki is in fact a musician in the truest sense. His own compositions reveal a deep appreciation of harmonic structure, layering sounds in textures that seem to leave the listener suspended in time. Interspersed with irregular clicks, pops and beeps, the minimal breaks in time reveal the careful attention to detail in the depth and dynamics of his music. Hamasaki also heads up the the splendorific Tokyo-based label 'matter', which seems to act as an extension of his own rarified musical sensibilities.
Yukitomo Hamasaki

tripon Tripon  (visual performance)
A dynamic visual group who have gained a reputation for the quality, originality and breadth of their work, we are overjoyed to have them back at Test Tone this month. Vokoi, Satoshi Horii and Daito Manabe are not only adept artists, but have truly embodied the spirit of creating unexpected instruments out of new technologies. You can be sure that they will bring a dose of this vision to cover the walls throughout the evening.

test-tone vol. 32 || adventures in audiovisual resonance

Download the map here [ download ]

28 November 2007  (wed)

Worldtronics 2007 (Japan)
Line-up: Kama Aina - Takeo Toyama - Nobukazu Takemura - Miho Folio

Venue: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany

Miho Folio performs at the Worldtronics 2007 festival which "tries to find the most innovative hotspots for electronic music as well as the most exciting musical developments in the wide world outside Europe and the United States."

For more detail, please refer to the HKW Web site.

3 July 2007  (Tue)

Test Tone vol. 25 — Experiments in Music
- Ilios (Dimitris Kariofilis, Greece) + Keiichiro Shibuya
- Tone Blues: Ryuta Kawabata + Akihiro Kubota + Takmi Iqeda + Toshihiko Kajii
- Scriptones (Stan Eberlein) + Brecht Debackere (Visualantics)
- Tripon (VJs)

Venue: Super Deluxe (map), open: 20:00, door: free
Super Deluxe: 106-0031東京都 港区 西麻布3.1.25 B1F
Tel: 03.5412.0515 | http://www.super-deluxe.com

For more detail, please refer to the event info further down.

test-tone vol. 25 || Experiments in Music

Ilios (Dimitris Kariofilis, Greece) + Keiichiro Shibuya
Dimitris Kariofilis aka Ilios has been actively developing uniques 'codes' of expression in the fields of digital music and image for the greater part of 15 years. He has made a mark in his native Europe, collaborating with contemporary dance companies, theatre and film, as well as producing and directing multimedia shows which focus on an extraordinary sound palette which ranges from 'orthodox silence to catholic noise'. Studio and live collaborations with the likes of Francisco Lopez, Jason Kahn and Thurston Moore have earned Ilios a name worldwide, and we welcome him back to Japan for this special live performance.

For music fans of improvised electronica in Japan, Keiichiro Shibuya needs no introduction. His contribution to the 'post-sine wave movement' in electronic music has been distilled into his exceptional label ATAK, active since 2002. He has collaborated with some of the finest artists in the European improvising movement, such as Norbert Moslang and Jason Kahn, creating works of subtle texture and rhythm both in live and in the studio. A tireless proponent of new approaches to electronic music, he continues to lecture at Tokyo University and create ambitious installation works around Japan.

Tone Blues (Ryuta Kawabata + Akihiro Kubota + Takmi Iqeda + Toshihiko Kajii)
If you haven't heard of Ryuta Kawabata, it is likely because he seems keeps a low profile, quietly making works of transcendent beauty, eventually emerging from the woodshed with a recording that blows you away with its depth, individuality, and profound musicality. Using field recordings, electronic manipulation and guitar, Kawabata creates subtle soundscapes that bear no comparison to anything to out there (perhaps Todd Dockstader or some work by Birchville Cat Motel could come close), and that makes them all the more fascinating.

For this evening, Kawabata has assembled Tone Blues, a heavyweight group that could prove to be one of the most interesting collaborations of the Test Tone series. Akihiro Kubota is a pioneer in software art, audio-visual installations and internet performances, who will make use of live coding + feedback acoustic piano to create a plethora of soundscapes in the group. Takmi Iqeda (computer) has also found an individual voice in the field of electronic music, contributing to movie soundtracks, dance performances, and collaborative sound projects, most recently exploring the juxtaposition of the human voice with electronics in his group Almglocken. Pubicflower guitarist Toshihiko Kajii will be on hand to provide his wondrous guitar work to complement Kawabata's recorded materials and electric guitars.

Scriptones (Stan Eberlein) + Brecht Debackere (Visualantics)
The one man - one machine unit that makes up Scriptones is a virtual study in synthesizer arppegiation. As a member of the long-running electronic duo Legofriendy, Stan Eberlein has contributed his subtle sense of texture to their rhythm-based compositions.

With Scriptones, he explores the inner working of synthesized textures, producing unexpected results to listeners' ears. He'll be joined by Belgian visual artist Brecht Debackere, who has created a number of impressive new media with the group Visualantics, based in Antwerp.

A groundbreaking collaboration between visual artists Vokoi Satoshi Horii and Daito Manabe, we are just one of the many stops they will be making this year. With the group appearing at Metamorphose 2007, as well as Vokoi heading off to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert in the fall, we are lucky to have them stop by Test Tone on this occasion. With a mixture of 3-D visuals, granulated pixels and inventive textures, they have been in demand not only as club VJs, but at high profile events such as last year's Taico Club and Sonar Sound festivals.

10 May 2007  (thu)

Intervall-audio || four solo performances in electronic music
Line-up: Dill, Shigehiro Tsubota, Scriptones, Xyramat (Japan Tour 2007)

Venue: Loop Line (see map), open: 7pm, door: 1500 yen (+1D)
Loop Line: B1, 1-21-6, Sendagaya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 151-0051
Tel & Fax: 03-5411-1312 | http://www.loop-line.jp/

For more detail, please refer to the event info further down.

intervall-audio || four solo performances in electronic music

dill_live Dill  (flyrec, weather/headz)
Yuji Inoue released his groundbreaking debut album "WYHIWYG" on flyrec in 2003 and has since been making music for the contemporary dance music scene, with a release on Weather/Headz in 2006. The name Dill comes from the garden herb of the same name, with its characteristic, strangely sweet taste.
IA artist || Dill

tsubota_shigehiro_live Shigehiro Tsubota  (intervall-audio)
Improvisations with a microphone. The music by Tokyo-based musician Shigehiro Tsubota is known to push the aesthetic limits of the traditionally beautiful. His free improvisation performances are known to span from the tenderest sound experiments to sudden outbreaks of energy-laden, bizarre beauty.
IA artist || Shigehiro Tsubota

scriptones_live Scriptones  (intervall-audio)
Scriptones is a solo project by one half of the Tokyo-based electronic music duo Legofriendly. In an "instrument-interactive" approach, the performance explores the internal modulation matrix of a hardware synth. Occasionally triggered by a chord on a keyboard, the synth runs wild on cross-modulated arpeggios producing unpredictable sound textures.
IA artist || Scriptones

xyramat_japan_tour_2007_live Xyramat – Japan Tour 2007
Ambient glitchy experimental music by German electronic musician Xyramat. Now based in Hamburg, Xyramat is a member of the networks Female Pressure and Electronic Ladiez, moderates the monthly radio show "Radio Gagarin" together with Jetzman and Asmus Tietchens at FSK, and contributed to the CD sampler "Women take back the Noise".
Xyramat on myspace

intervall-audio || four solo performances in electronic music

Download the map here [download]

Web www.intervall-audio.com