Legofriendly makes dense urban electronic music that combines synthetic
sounds and ambiguous rhythms. Occupying the spaces between IDM, techno and electronica, Legofriendly never quite falls into any of them. IDM's spirit of experimentation, techno's accessibility and electronica's characteristic warmth come together in music that stimulates the brain and moves the feet.

Legofriendly's first release was the melodically infused Form (2003), which established the idea of making accessible music with warmth and listener friendliness. Originally a limited release CD-R, Form was made available again from Intervall-audio in 2006 as a free MP3 download [IA.001].

Egg Beater  is LF's second album release [IA.004] and remains faithful to the concept of making accessible music using left-field, sometimes harshly electronic sounds. Egg Beater  takes the rhythms to new extremes adding up to a richly-layered, exuberant audio landscape with unexpected, angular melodies.

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(Album) Waiting for the Moment
[Digital: Intervall-audio, 2014]

|01| iSpy |02| Queer |03| Africa 70
|04| Malun |05| Cyclo |06| Liggo
|07| Jaundiced |08| Blowout |09| Ultraman
A dystopian vision of Tokyo in 2046 [IA.006].


(V.A.) Coppe in a Pill [USB: Mango & Sweet Rice, 2010]

– Kettel's selection of Coppe' back catalogue (best20)
– Video by SUTEKH (Coppe' live at M)
– Atom™ 1 hour mega mix (atomized)
– Coppe' various live shots and backstage
– Previously unreleased 15 tracks
   (incl. Legofriendly "My Funny Valentine")


(V.A.) Variations for Commune Disc Vol. 1
[CD: Commune Disc, 2010]

Remix compilation album featuring collaborations/tracks by Montage, Bergbahn, Legofriendly ("Rabbit Nabokov"), Scriptones, Sand For Dayz, Aktion Directe, Die Kosmisch Loops and Fundamentalista!

legofriendly egg beater

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(Album) Egg Beater
[CD & Digital: Intervall-audio, 2008]

|01| Doub |02| Fidget |03| Emergency
|04| Beatnikker |05| Flotsam* |06| Straktizm
* Full-length MP3 preview track for free download!
Dense urban electronic music composed of unambiguously artificial sounds and ambiguous rhythms [IA.004].


(Album) Shantell Martin — Koob's
[DVD: Lightrhythmvisuals, 2008]

The DVD features a collection of videos that demonstrate Martin's playful inventiveness with both the concept and tools of drawing. Each video is backed by an audio track produced exclusively for Koob's by a range of DJs and musicians. DVD includes Legofriendly's track "Op Sind".

legofriendly_on schole vol.6

(V.A.) Sound View #5 [CD-R & MP3: Schole, 2008]

Compilation album featuring Araki Shin, Caelum, Senna, Arai Tasuku, reg, step. and Legofriendly with a track called "Flotsam". About 【Schole Magazine】: フリーマガジン【schole】では、日常に溢れている豊かな営みを伝えたいというコンセプトのもと、レコメンド音楽情報から、散歩道特集《風花遊歩》の連載、新気鋭アーティストの作品の提示、映画、美術情報などなど、充実した内容が詰まっています!

coppe fi-lamente

(V.A.) Fi-lamente' coppe'
[CD: Mango & Sweet Rice, 2007]

Includes collaborations with Atom TM, Plaid, Kettel, Fred Moth, Ariel, Mickey the Cat, skab/T, Terry Driescher, as well as Legofriendly and their track "Undisclosed Destination".

legofriendly form (2006)

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(EP) Form EP    [Free MP3: Intervall-audio, 2006]

|01| Jump & Run |02| Know-how |03| Slipstream
|04| Autopilot |05| Dynamo |06| Milc
The original limited release CD-R (2003) has been long out of stock, but is made available again from Intervall-audio as a free download MP3 release [IA.001].

Design Patterns


(V.A.) Bergbahn remixes vol. 2
Design Patterns    [CD: Code Inc., 2006]

A concept CD with 13 tracks, each taking one single sample by Bergbahn as their starting point. The original sound files or sound 'patterns' were processed and redesigned to use them as part for a new track. Featuring artists are: Nao Tokui, Salmon, DJ Shirakura, Bergbahn, as well as Legofriendly with an audio-to-midi transcribed track-redesign called Feldspar remix.

coppe 10th anniversary


(V.A.) 9+10=10th anniversary! coppe'
[CD: Mango & Sweet Rice, 2006]

Coppe's 10th anniversary compilation double CD features tracks by Nao Tokui, Takemura Nobukazu, Tipsy, Kettel, Qbert, skab/t, and many others, as well as Legofriendly's Blue Tooth.

legofriendly bergbahn remix


(V.A.) Bergbahn remixes vol. 1
Flux Figure Transform    [CD: Code Inc., 2004]

A 14-track, sample and track remix compilation featuring Christophe Charles, slipped disk, Nao Tokui, mjuc, Kozo Inada, Montage/EJQ, as well as Legofriendly with a track called Clitch Grub Mix.

legofriendly form


Form    [CD-R: Intervall-audio, 2003]

|01| Jump & Run |02| Know-how |03| Slipstream
|04| Autopilot |05| Dynamo |06| Milc
Long out of stock, but now made available again as a re-mastered, free MP3 netlabel release [IA.001].

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