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Stefan Schneider, aka Mapstation, modestly places music near the arts, somewhat akin maybe to the Fluxus aesthetics of concurrence. In a balance between ego and machine, Stefan discovers what is at hand, at present; everything is equally important and, after all, open-ended.

If beat defines the genre, Mapstation is no genre at all. Using a myriad of seemingly unsynchronised gear, Mapstation is rhythmic without beats, ambient with slightly melancholic tunes, some fragile field recordings here & there and, above all, maddeningly poly-patterned, drifting in gentle, warm disorder. Mapstation implies to "draw a map to get lost," as it quotes Yoko Ono. It is a point of departure: simple, clear & relaxing, and opens up new meaning to accompany us in our daily life.

Stefan Schneider is an ex-member of Kreidler, bassist of To Rococo Rot, and has collabotated with reggae singer Ras Donovan as well as Martin Brandlmayr from Vienna-based Radian. Together with Paul Wirkus and Barbara Morgenstern he toured as September Collective. Stefan also was a visiting lecturer in photography and sound at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM/HfG) Karlsruhe, as well as at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) Cologne.

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(Album) The Africa Chamber
[CD: ~scape, 2009]

|01| mchiki cha |02| unitel |03| cobra
|04| ensemble of four |05| bells and lions
|06| the protector |07| my son the dancer
|08| darkheart |09| carmel |10| work song
|11| nocturama |12| return of the hunters
|13| after all tis freedom


(Album) distance told me things to be said
[CD/12": ~scape, 2006]

|01| horns version |02| the way things change
|03| sonoroties |04| the sinuous ribbon
|05| eleven |06| listening to stockholm
|07| loin d'afrique |08| warm distance
|09| constant |10| valencian was asleep


(EP) betrieb vs mapstation feat. ras donovan
[12": combination records, 2003]

|01| gravitation
|02| new motion
(two dancefloor versions by betrieb/ekkehardt ehlers)


(Album) kuchen meets mapstation
[12"/CD: karaoke kalk, 2003]

|01| primary |02| rosso pieno |03| your bonjours
|04| piano neighbours |05| st.tropez |06| bound
|07| rebound |08| frauen balance |09| kmm |10| felt piece


(Album) version train (feat. ras donovan)
[12"/CD: staubgold, 2003]

|01| gravity |02| wake up feat. scallo
|03| effects of my haste |04| be true |05| uncentral
|06| gravity a capella |07| wake up version |08| la reprise


(Album) a way to find the day
[12"/CD: staubgold, 2002]

|01| a map of africa |02| two landscapes
|03| new direction |04| more people than two
|05| schonung |06| when you collide
|07| i don't know my generation |08| la reprise
|09| stand me stand version |10| wake up
|11| midnight gegenlicht


(Album) sleep, engine sleep
[12"/CD: staubgold, 2000]

|01| i begin to know the map |02| bedeckt
|03| vergessen |04| one and three chairs
|05| watch the stars |06| was dazu gehört
|07| verbessern


(EP) mapstation
[12"/CD: Soul Static Sound, 2000]

|01| frankel |02| espoo
|03| tiksi |04| elements
|05| marden

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