Midori Hirano

Midori Hirano

Born in Kyoto, Midori Hirano studied classical piano at Osaka University of Arts and started composing electronic music in 2003. Her music often sounds classical in arrangement, yet it is more than just piano music: it's an exuberant mix of richly orchestrated and organic parts, teeming with life, delicate and graceful.

Usually starting from a theme on piano or violin, Midori adds electronic sounds, crunchy beats, field recordings and noise in an approach that skilfully integrates controlled accident and deliberate imperfections. Complementing this palette, there is the occasional use of acoustic guitar and cello, and sometimes her own voice set deep in the mix as if it were another instrument.

Midori says she prefers simple Japanese cuisine — dishes such as katsu-don (pork cutlet on rice) or ten-don (tempura on rice) — to the supposed sophistication of an over-priced cup of coffee in a fashionable cafe. This down-to-earth attitude also shows in her music.

Conscious of herself and her background, Midori has developed a sensual musical language that is neither obsessive nor girlish as much of today's Japanese or Japan-related female electronica. Her tracks are attractively tender and affectionate yet in a sober and solemn manner; they sound fresh and revitalizing, speaking of feelings that bridge usual and unusual days.

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Midori Hirano klo:yuri

(Album) klo:yuri    [CD: Noble, 2008]

|01| Terra |02| Faceless Angel |03| Feathers |04| Null |05| Out |06| Transition |07| Sora |08| Caracole
|09| Cells That Smell Sounds |10| Solar Eclipse

(V.A.) add to friends
[CD: Someone Good Records, 2007]

Compilation CD, featuring tracks by Lullatone, Tenniscoats, trico!, Daisuke Miyatani, Shugo Tokumaru, Groopies, Akira Kosemura, as well as a track by Midori Hirano called "cell that smell sounds".

(V.A.) Forms    [CD: Intikrec, 2006]

Compilation CD, featuring tracks by The $hit, Ioioi, Kumisolo, Goto80, Sawako and many others, as well as a track by Hypo called "New World Menuet" (Midori Hirano Version).

(V.A.) Pain Perdu / Pot Pourri
[CD: Collectif Efferverscence, 2006]

A compilation double-CD. The tracks are collaborations as well as mutual covers and remixes by the artists involved. Midori Hirano contributed a track called "after the rain" (a remix of Motenai's "il pleut du soleil").

(Album) LushRush    [CD: noble, 2006]

|01| lush rush |02| ancient story in the room
|03| calling |04| secret aria |05| night wish
|06| inori |07| another root |08| dim |09| leaving
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(Appears) O.Lamm – Monolith
[CD: Active Suspension, 2006]

Album by French IDM, experimental, electronica artist O.Lamm, featuring several artists, including Yoshimi Tomida, Kumi Okamoto, Nobuko Hori, as well as lyrics by Midori Hirano on a track called "Silviphoebia".

(Remix) Springs, Re:makes and Mixes of RF
[CD: odd shaped case, 2006]

Remixes of RF's album "Views of Distant Towns" released by Tokyo-based Plop label. The compilation features Plop-artists FilFla and Sora, as well as Greg Davis, .tape., Sawako, Familiar Trees, He can jog, and Midori Hirano.

(V.A.) Diary of a Sweet Day
[CD-R: post.disco, 2006]

A 19-track compilation featuring tracks by dot tape dot, Art2Fakt, Motenai, B33P3R, GoGooo, Nobuko, as well as a track by Midori Hirano called "Daylight".

(Remix) Shugo Tokumaru – NPRMX
[CD-R: our small label, 2005]

A remix compilation featuring suppa micro pamchopp, imai, dj codomo, gng, digiki, and others, as well as the opening remix track by Midori Hirano called "light chair".

(V.A.) Voices in my Head
[CD: Worthy Records, 2005]

4-disc compilation with tracks by Nagasaki Fondue, heaven piano co, The readymades, devil in design, head phone over tone, BLTSM and many many others, as well as a track by Midori Hirano called "Nothing to be".

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(EP) Poet at the Piano
[Free MP3: Soundz from nowhere, 2004]

|01| perception
|02| i was
|03| white tale
|04| poet at the piano

(V.A.) UnLimit
[CD: Three's Film Works, 2003]

A compilation CD featuring a track by Midori Hirano called "white tale".

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