Japanese and German electronic music

This site brings you electronic music from Tokyo and from Düsseldorf. The alphabetic list of artists is highly eclectic; you will find well-known names alongside hot new-comers. Click on any name in the left column to read biographical info on these German and Japanese electronic musicians, to listen to some sample mp3s, and to check for their latest releases. All profiles are as up to date as possible, based upon the information given to us by the artists.

Innovation and technology

The artists on Intervall-audio are all striving for innovation. They all have an eye for the essentials in electronic music, displaying a keen sense for sound, structure and movement. At the same time they keep an open mind and never follow too much in line with mere technology or the latest fashions.

Unique forms of expression

We even venture to suggest that the artists have come up with highly personal and unique forms of expression despite advancements in technology. Each artist on Intervall-audio follows an individual approach that embodies a true enrichment to today's electronic music.

Electronic music from Japan

Bergbahn, Dill, drummatic, enna, Filfla, Flatic Fonica, Fourcolor, Hashimoto_Kazumasa, Hirano_Midori, Ichinose_Kyo, Ito_Hidenobu, Legofriendly, Mas, M._Tzboguchi_Trio, miho_folio, Missing Man Foundation, mondii, Nobara, Okamura_Kumiko, omb, Piana, Pola, Scriptones, Sora, trico!, Tsubota_Shigehiro, Waki, Yxetm+

Electronic music from Germany

Fragel_Andreas, Fritschi_Daniel, Hacke_Oliver, Hauschka, Legofriendly, Mapstation, rhythm_maker, Scriptones, Silva, Tautro, TG Mauss, 1-A_Düsseldorf

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