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Miho folio is a solo project by Toshihiro Horio, who was born in Aichi, studied in Kyoto and now resides in Hiroshima prefecture. He started to compose music in the late 1990s, using samples, a modular synthesizer and multi-track recording software, and draws his inspiration from Brazilian samba and bossa nova, jazz and electronic music, including artists such as João Gilberto, Eric Dolphy, as well as Akufen, Prefuse73 and Daedelus.

Bragile is his first full-length album. The word is a mixture of 'Brazil' and 'fragile' and accordingly the album features filigree song arrangements with a distinctively vintage acoustic Brazilian sound and some fragile rhythms that sometimes seem to ignore measure and beat.

Pop in essence and cut-up in approach, miho folio's music fuses brittle samples and high frequency electronic sounds into laid-back and easy-going sound collages. Colourful tones and timbres meet unexpected developments, some freaky sounds, comfortable chords and a distinctively Latin rhythmic feel — making us think of miho folio as the Japanese Amon Tobin.

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(Album) bragile    [CD: Flyrec, 2006]

|01| Bay Open |02| Module-Two |03| B3 of Bang
|04| Kaure |05| Disanr |06| Maaro |07| Boy&Age
|08| Minute Now |09| Piamo |10| You Dot
|11| One |12| Mistakes |13| Rtinu |14| Tesm

(V.A.) ECHO  "a fictitious museum vol.2"     
[CD: Enmu Interactive, 2004]

Second of a series of compilations from Osaka-based chill-out music label, Enmu Interactive, with tracks by Hiroyuki Kimoto, Flicker Tone, Metalob, Pacifism, Symphony space, Lo/g(u:)m, Taro Bando, Grape., Rubyorla, Tim Gerwing, and miho folio's track "module2".

(V.A.) GLEAM  "a fictitious museum vol.1"     
[CD: Enmu Interactive, 2004]

First of a series of compilations from Osaka-based Enmu Interactive, a label for chill-out music from Japan. Artists include Metalob, Rubyorla, Symphony space, Loginaire, Bun Ito and a track by miho folio titled "you la".

(V.A.) Birthday  "compilation works 003"     
[CD-R: Hitonoprogramming, 2003]

A demo CD-R with 'electronic Jazz' tracks by artists Nayuta, Marimo, Ryota Suzuki, and others, as well as miho folio's tracks Disanr and Bay open.

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