Tatsuya Yamada grew up listening to alternative rock, hiphop, dub, jazz, and formed MAS in 1999. The band consists of 5 members: instrumentation includes Chinese fiddle, sax, bass, trumpet, drums, computer, and keyboards.

Performing live has been an important aspect of the band since its inception. MAS have been known to blow away audiences with their merging of live playing and dub mixing. On stage they get support from Tetsuro Yasunaga (computer) and Teruyuki Ōshima (guitar).

They have participated in several compilations such as "out" (Flyrec), "UR" (Mao), as well as the Afterhours Magazine, and have supported great acts such as Yoshihiro Hanno, Gel:, Discom, Riow Arai, DJ Klock, gnu, and others.

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steppers+    [CD: Flyrec, 2005]

|01| trivial joke |02| circus [joint origami]
|03| bring on |04| cael rock |05| fadomi
|06| a beauty pear (tokyo zawinul bach remix)
|07| tick - beige remix |08| smood (pasadena remix)
|09| hokama bass (mokira remix)
|10| turn (kazumasa hashimoto remix)



turn    [CD: Flyrec, 2003]

|01| a beauty pear |02| tick |03| smood
|04| hokama bass |05| cave's gynnek
|06| cael |07| griph [miroque's edit]
|08| turn |09| the key |10| flat


(V.A.) UR    [CD: Mao, 2002]

An 11-track compilation featuring tracks by Metro999, memo, CorKyees, 映糸, Echo Mountain, nymphaea, drummatic, Jugem, moai, 束, and a track by MAS called 'hasen'.

flyrec - out

(V.A.) Out    [CD: Flyrec, 2001]

The 12-track debut compilation by Tokyo-based flyrec label with contributions by Hidenobu Ito, mondii, DJ Klock, drummatic, world's end girlfriend, Kazumasa Hashimoto, and a track by MAS called 'a doubled word'.

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