Fonica was founded in 2002 by Keiichi Sugimoto and Cheason from Tokyo. Keiichi is also a member of Minamo, an electro-acoustic group. He runs the Cubic Music label, founded in 1999 as a record label, sound production, and design works. Cheason, the female part of Fonica, designs most of the artwork for the Plop label. In 2004, Fonica played at Sonar Sound Tokyo.

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(V.A.) Bip-Hop Generation Vol.7
[CD: BiP_HOp, 2004]

A 14-track compilation featuring Taylor Dupree, Emisor, Fm3, Ghislain Poirier, Janek Schaefer, and Fonica with a track called Scoot.


(Remix) 'Tape/Operette -opera remixes-'
[CD: cubicfabric, 2004]

Remixes of album "Opera" (Haäpna) by Swedish electro-acoustic trio Tape, featuring Josh Abrams, Anderegg, Oren Ambarchi, David Grubbs, Hazard, Minamo, Pita, Rechord, Stephan Mathieu, and crossing longitude by Fonica.


(V.A.) E • A • D • G • B • E    [CD: 12k, 2003]

A 14-track compilation featuring Keith Fullerton, Sébastien Roux, Christopher Willits and Fonica with two tracks called 4.55 and "3.33".


(Album) Ripple    [CD/12": Tomlab, 2003]

|01| soar |02| twang |03| whirr
|04| perch |05| fluid |06| coda
|07| rusl |08| zephyr



(Album) Ripple    [CD: Plop, 2002]

|01| soar |02| twang |03| whirr
|04| perch |05| fluid |06| coda
|07| rusl |08| skim |09| zephyr |10| perch (mitchell akiyama remix) |11| rusl (sogar remix)
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plop_micro blue

(V.A.) Micro Blue    [CD: Plop, 2002]

A 14-track compilation featuring tracks by artists from Japan and worldwide, including Geoff White, drummatic, Dorine_Muraille, Rip-off Artist, Taisuke Matsuo, Omb, Onpack, Yuzo Kako Jetone, Neina, mondii, Waki, as well as two tracks by Fonica called perch and rusl.

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