omb is the solo project by Kei Komatsu. Influenced by techno music in his teens, Kei shifted to computer music production after absorbing experimental techno, contemporary classical music, and the avant-gardes.

The music by omb equally utilises complex computer programming and unintentional mistakes, creating ever changing charming yet emotional tracks. Solid sonic textures and ambient sounds clash beautifully within these poignant electronic pop songs. While studying at engineering school, Kei produced tracks for commercials, and released some 12" on O-Parts.

"Oral/method" was omb's first full-lenght album, and his use of visuals in his many live shows have gained him a lot of attention, most recently by the Japanese star label Daisyworld.

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moph - textile


(V.A.) Textile    [CD: moph, 2006]

A compilation album with a total of 15 tracks by: the moph label owners, Mergrim, zariganicurry, Shotaro Hirata and tujiro; tracks by Ryu Nakagawa, chib, Piana and others; two previously released tracks by Fourcolor; plus a track by omb: |15| comptrack06.

omb - color field

(Album) color field    [CD: daisyworld, 2004]

|01| interlude |02| pulse to begin,some of processings
|03| cross color |04| a usual dusk |05| come to rain
|06| girl afraid |07| a rever side assign
|08| unconscious wwworld |09| ngf39d.AIF
|10| letter wwwritten |11| epidia |12| rain keep falling
|13| panora |14| after the curve |15| softly,light things
|16| tricam |17| 792 composition


(V.A.) Circuits Quantum    [CD: 360 Records, 2004]

A 14-track compilation album with tracks by Suzukiski, Pola, drummatic, Tagomago, Miroque, Samurai Jazz, among others, as well as a track by Omb called comptrack03.

omb - oral/method


(Album) oral/method    [CD: Flyrec, 2002]

|01| 000 |02| 001 |03| 002 |04| 003
|05| 004 |06| 005 |07| 006 |08| 007
|09| 008 |10| 009 |11| 010

plop_micro blue

(V.A.) Micro Blue    [CD: Plop, 2002]

A 14-track compilation featuring tracks by artists from Japan and worldwide, including Geoff White, Fonica, Dorine_Muraille, Rip-off Artist, Taisuke Matsuo, drummatic, Onpack, Yuzo Kako Jetone, Neina, Waki, mondii as well as a track by omb called comp track1.

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