Sora is the alias of Takeshi Kurosawa from Kyoto, the city of temples. Sora means "sky" and is also the Japanese name for the notes "G" (so) & "A" (ra). Takeshi grew up playing the piano and began to create music by using digital samplers from the early 1990s, influenced by the "intelligent techno" scene lead by the Warp label.

Located between minimalism and electronica, his music merges digital glitches and warm analogue sounds into highly sophisticated arrangements full of tender and pleasant atmosphere. "Re.sort" is Takeshi's first full length album. It uses various techniques like cut-ups and field recordings, and displays an amazing sensitivity in sampling from bossa nova & jazz records.

Takeshi Kurosawa participated in several compilations and composed the music for Issey Miyake's fashion brand Tenalys.

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badun - badun

(Remix) Badun – Badun
[CD: Permanent, 2007]

Album by Danish band, Badun. The release is licensed for Japan by Rump Recordings and features a bonus track by Sora, called 'Kompleks – Sora Remix'.

sora remix of vektormusik on interfoliere ep

(Remix) Vektormusik – Interfoliere EP
[12": Rump Recordings, 2007]

EP by Danish duo Vektormusik, featuring a remix by Sora, called 'Leap 2 (Sora Remix)'.


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(Album) Live at Metro
[Free MP3: Intervall-audio, 2007]

Preview samples at 128kbps:
|01| rayuela |02| a caminho do mar
|03| traces |04| the circluar ruins
|05| satelite towers |06| the garden of paths
A free downloadable electronica opus of deeply satisfying 32 minutes encoded at 320kbps [IA.002].

tzboguchi trio


(Remix) Masayasu Tzboguchi Trio
    [CD: Flyrec, 2006]

A reconstruction album by pianist & composer Masayasu Tzboguchi (from "Tokyo Zawinul Bach"). Features remixes by Dill, Jan Jelinek, AOKI takamasa, Pardon Kimura, as well as Sora on track: |10| Sprout

(Remix) Springs, Re:makes and Mixes of RF
[CD: odd shaped case, 2006]

Remixes of RF's album "Views of Distant Towns" released by Tokyo-based Plop label. The compilation features Plop-artists FilFla and Sora as well as Greg Davis, .tape., Sawako, Midori Hirano, Familiar Trees, He can jog, etc.


(V.A.) Kalk Seeds    [CD: Karaoke Kalk, 2005]

16-track compilation featuring tracks by many Karaoke Kalk artists including Hausmeister, Donna Regina, Takagi Masakatsu, Kuchen meets Mapstation, Takeo Toyama, Hauschka & tracks by Kan Daisuke and Sora&Wechsel Garland.


(V.A.) The Noise & the City    
[MP3: Autres Directions in Music, 2004]

30 cities / 30 artists / 30 tracks built exclusively around city noise samples / 30 photos / 30 texts; a 2-CD free MP3 release by Autres Directions in Music for stream and download under creative commons licenses.



(Album) re.sort    [CD: Plop, 2003]

|01| pause |02| a caminho do mar |03| revans
|04| la cathédrale engloutie |05| traces
|06| line |07| fold air |08| etude:diagonal
|09| rayuela (ii) |10| satelite towers

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