Plaster coated Walls. Used furniture. The air of the quiet city...

Rie started making songs while playing the piano from early age. During college, she was a composer and keyboardist for a band which released several major-label albums. On turning 24, she studied accordion with Hisae Kijima, and it soon became her main instrument.

She has appeared on many artist's albums, such as Yae, Isako Saneyoshi and Jessica, as accordion/piano player and chorus under the name Rie Yoshihara. In parallel, she self-released a solo piano album "Water cress" (1999) which was recorded in a hall, and a solo accordion album "RIEACCORDION'MEMU'" (2001).

Her interest now lies in the design of retro accordions, toy pianos, toy organs, etc. and it is the analogue warmth of these instruments makes her music special.

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everyday trip [CD: flyrec, 2008]

|01| 古いドアー |02| on a bright day |03| everything goes well |04| カレンダー |05| 東の街 |06| ゆびおりかぞえ
|07| 心にしまう |08| 朝焼けと夕焼けの見える丘
|09| グリーティング |10| 耳をすます |11| 記憶の地図をたどって |12| beautiful garden |13| 旅はまだ続くの?

Participating artists: Hauschka (Fat Cat), 石井マサユキ(from Tica), 山口とも 船戸博史(from ふちがみとふなと), 杉本佳一(filfla/fourcolor), cinq(noble), ガンジー(from Cinema dub Monks), オオニシユウスケ(from small color).

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[CD: Someone Good Records, 2007]

Compilation CD, featuring tracks by Lullatone, Tenniscoats, Daisuke Miyatani, Shugo Tokumaru, Groopies, Akira Kosemura, Midori Hirano, as well as a track by trico!, called "candle and pechka".


(Album) Love home    [CD: flyrec, 2005]

|01| happy daily life |02| inner garden
|03| garnet |04| in the deepest sleep (piano)
|05| Lull |06| serve all |07| love all |08| a drop of...
|09| in the deepest sleep(piano) |10| forest for rest
|11| Johnson |12| fine, cloud, wet, shine
|13| It's time for a book and the cat |14| blanket

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