Nobara Hayakawa

Nobara Hayakawa

The musical training of Colombian-born Japanese artist and singer Nobara Hayakawa started in early childhood, with the piano. Once she reached adolescence, she abandoned the classics to embrace the new wave, and years later, attended a jazz school for vocal training. But it was not until she arrived in Tokyo in the year 2000 that she started some serious song writing and participated in various pop and experimental projects.

Music has always been part of her life, but just recently it's started to become a project, not in terms of a sudden revelation, but more like the slow riddance of antique terrors, the arrival of a moment for letting go. Under the noise of memories and daily silence — a voice that sings and celebrates the journey.

Nobara Hayakawa studied graphic design at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and earned her Master's degree in visual arts from Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku). She currently teaches at the arts and design faculties of two private universities in Bogotá, Colombia, while working on projects involving sound and singing.

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(Album) Microcanciones
[Digital file: Self-released, 2010]

|01| divinancia |02| espinita
|03| materia oscura |04| vapor |05| altar
[Full-length preview of all tracks here]
Short songs for short-term feelings.

(Album) Cuerda
[Digital file: Self-released, 2010]

|01| martes |02| wound
|03| fireworks |04| me voy |05| nombres
[Full-length preview of all tracks here]
Canciones con guitarra.

(V.A.) netBloc Vol.24: tiuqottigeloot
[Free MP3: netBloc, 2009]

A free downloadable netlabel compilation introducing twelve "netaudio gems" of various genres, including Nobara's track "Trail" from her album Trail EP.
[Download: 192kbps, 320kbps, booklet, artwork].

  Download ...

(Album) Trail EP    [Free MP3: Intervall-audio, 2009]

|01| Trail |02| Hoover Love |03| Alas
|04| Desalejar |05| Fuzzy Lady |06| Homelessness
A free downloadable netlabel release and journey into what every person on earth one can feel as speaking of something deeply honest and real (including irony).

(Album) nobara+smetenan &ndash "+"    
[CD-R: Self-released, 2006]

|01| Lab 6 |02| Edad |03| Nioi
|04| Everydays |05| Untitled
The songs on "+" were made together with composer and producer Mauricio Alvarez aka Smetenan.

(Album) Volvo – volvo live    
[CD-R: Self-released, 2004]

|01| Unborn |02| Moving on
|03| Weeping pillow |04| Bossa velha
|05| Mirror man |06| And you said |07| Volvo
Recorded live at EF Gallery, Tokyo, 18 March 2004. Musicians: Nobara Hayakawa (voice), Shigehiro Tsubota (guitar, noises and voices), Philippe Chatelain (textures, beats), Kumiko Okamura (atmosphere, beats).

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