Silva is an interim citizen of Düsseldorf, producing antique electronics from the Ruhrgebiet area with a ticket to Düsseldorf; nice stories with analogue sounds as characters for everybody. His tracks are as easy to understand as icons or traffic signs: simple and clear in design, yet they avoid the sterility of machine music by displaying the charm and humour of quirky hand-made music.

He follows an approach of a deliberately reduced use of instruments, paired with a liking for yesterday's technology. His tracks dig for the essentials of sound & form in lo-fi/minimal, exploring variations by uniquely re-arranging what is ready at hand in an instrument. The tension and suspense of his tracks partly stem from his interest in soundtrack and film music.

Silva was trained in classical cello and guitar and is involved in various projects, oscillating between electronic, ambient, lo-fi and trash. Silva has produced more than 15 self-released tape albums.

Listen to Silva

Silva & Scriptones || canawa (full track 2'52" with 4.0 Mb)
Canawa is an Andean grain. It can be turned into agua de canawa (canawa juice) and is consumed by people living at the high altitudes of the Andes for its beneficial effects on the human metabolism. On this track, which had been composed, recorded and mastered within 24 hours, the retro-styled Roland MC-303 meets the Access Virus b, an advanced simulated analog synthesizer.

Silva & Legofriendly || Business Bolero (full track 3'38" with 5.1 Mb)
Bolero is a 3/4 dance that originated in Spain in the late 18th century.
It is in a moderately slow tempo, danced by either a soloist or a couple.
This busy track had to meet the deadline for the "Essen vom Stellarrand"
(Provinzgold 06) compilation and thus was invented, mixed and recorded
straight to HD for instant publication in actually little more than four minutes.

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