mondii is the alias of Nao Sugimoto. Now resident in Tokyo, Nao grew up in Chicago, USA, learning piano from early on. He studied ethnic music at university and played guitar in several bands. In parallel, he followed his interest in making solo music on computer. After working as a sound designer for TV commercials, he was manager at Plop label/distribution. Nao also runs his own label called Spekk, which focuses on various interpretations of minimalism.

Nao has released from various international labels such as Hefty records, Lo recordings, Fuzzybox, Mousikelab, alongside many Japanese labels. He also releases more beat oriented tracks under the alias enna. The concept of mondii's music varies in each tracks according to his state of mind and project. The most important thing for him is to stay flexible, experimenting with new techniques & styles, and always to keep exploring.

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(V.A.) Small Melodies [CD: spekk, 2005]

A 14-track compilation from mondii's spekk label, featuring tracks by artists from the minimalist music scenes in the USA, in Sweden, France, Germany, Australia and Japan, including tracks by artists Ultra Milkmaids, Taylor Deupree, Hervé Boghossian, Fenton, Stephan Mathieu, among others, as well as one track by mondii called between.

(V.A.) A Certain Aquarium [CD: 360° Records, 2004]

A compilation CD featuring a track by mondii called Skimming.

plop_micro blue

(V.A.) Micro Blue    [CD: Plop, 2002]

A 14-track compilation featuring tracks by artists from Japan and worldwide, including Geoff White, Fonica, Dorine_Muraille, Rip-off Artist, Taisuke Matsuo, Omb, Onpack, Yuzo Kako Jetone, Neina, drummatic, Waki, as well as a track by mondii called spher..

(V.A.) Leap
[CD: Quiet Records, 2002]

A compilation CD featuring a track by mondii called Triplex.

flyrec - out

(V.A.) Out    [CD: Flyrec, 2001]

The 12-track debut compilation by Tokyo-based flyrec label with contributions by Hidenobu Ito, drummatic, DJ Klock, MAS, world's end girlfriend, Kazumasa Hashimoto, and a track by mondii called fpt.

(Album) t:p    [CD: Heftyrecords, 1999]

|01| come come |02| woody |03| samune
|04| mighty crown |05| different corners
|06| bico |07| jwmn |08| kilmer

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