Pola is a young artist from Tokyo and a sheer wizard in sound-consciousness. Unlike many of today's electronic artists, Pola mainly uses the Akai MPC-2000 for sampling his inquiries into digital dysfunction, clicks, skips, sine waves, high frequencies, and spell-binding pads.

Click-techno, though, is just one name for the analogue warmth and minimum formality of his tracks, which unfold their charm in crystaline sound textures and delicate rhythmic architectures. The subtle changes over time suit both club-goers and couch-connoisseurs alike.

Pola derives a lot of his inspiration from all kinds of literatures and philosophies such as Borges, Cortázar, Roland Barthes, and Gilles Deleuze. Among his influences are early 90's techno as well as the experimental music by John Cage and Iannis Xenakis, though his all time heroes are Oval and SND.

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Pola - perdu

(EP) Perdu    [3" CD: Smallfish, 2007]

Perdu is a 4 track Mini CD that sees his sound developing further, with a bubbly, infectious collection of tracks largely reminiscent of Berlin style electro house/dub.

Pola meets lyrica

(Album) Pola Meets Lyrica
[CD: Commune Disc, 2005]

|01| Alice Mise A Nu Par Ses Celibataires, Meme
|02| Crepuscule |03| Dessin |04| Encyclopedie
|05| Fatal |06| Jalousie |07| Lievre |08| Marbre
|09| Nombre Imaginaire |10| Pli |11| Radis
|12| Strychnine |13| Vanite

Pola - même


(Album) même    [CD: Plop, 2004]

|01| abeille |02| cidre |03| dimanche
|04| framboise |05| huître |06| iris |07| jeu
|08| lycée |09| merle |10| pastiche
|11| répétition |12| sommeil |13| vanille


(V.A.) Circuits Quantum    [CD: 360 Records, 2004]

A 14-track compilation album with tracks by Suzukiski, Omb, drummatic, Tagomago, Miroque, Samurai Jazz, among others, as well as a track by Pola called kidnapping (for rasome).

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