FilFla is another new alias from Tokyo based musician Keiichi Sugimoto, also known as Fourcolor. Out of all his projects — Fonica, Minamo, Installing and Good Music among them — FilFla is probably his most composed outfit ever, actively adding rhythmic elements to rather more song-oriented arrangements than his usual minimal style.

Maybe you could call it a more developed version of Fonica with beats since the fundamental parts and sound materials heard in this album were first prepared for Fonica's new album. Add this to his precise and delicate digital processing and the overall impression of his beautiful atmospheric landscape is still present. Keiichi also runs the great Cubic music label.

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(Album) Prolicfon
[CD: Weather 33 / Headz, 2008]

|01| Ticking |02| Wst |03| Cubby |04| Pine
|05| Lumo |06| For |07| Some Frolics
|08| Kickingkey |09| Miniwords

(Remix) Springs, Re:makes and Mixes of RF
[CD: odd shaped case, 2006]

Remixes of RF's album "Views of Distant Towns" released by Tokyo-based Plop label. The compilation features Plop-artists Filfla and Sora as well as Greg Davis, .tape., Sawako, Midori Hirano, Familiar Trees, He can jog, etc.

(Album) frame    [CD: Plop, 2005]

|01| dx_00 |02| dx(distance)
|03| backyard |04| stanza
|05| epic |06| nuf |07| coy
|08| learn |09| azure

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