rhythm_maker is music reduced to the essential, rid of all excess baggage, one melody, one chord. Stefan Schwander is the man behind the machines, letting them speak. His minimal set of equipment is centred around a sequencer and a drum machine, creating high precision beats, again and again with an inclination towards tenderly composed and refined chords. Unusual for electronic musicians, rhythm_maker does completely without a computer on stage.

Stefan started his career in electronic music in 1997 as Antonelli Electr. (Italic) and is founder of The Bad Examples (ATA TAK). In 2004, Stefan revisited Tokyo on a promo tour for three of his solo projects: playing Bullet's as rhythm_maker, and Club Yellow as Antonelli Electr. and as Repeat Orchestra.

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every now and then anger EP

(EP) Every Now and Then, Anger EP
[12": Background Records, 2006]

|a1| It's Like Percussion Pt. 2
|a2| Maintain
|b1| I Can't Help Myself
|b2| Every Now And Then, Anger

Quartett EP

(V.A.) Quartett EP     [12": Level Records, 2004]

|a1| oliver hacke - millpieds
|a2| andy vaz - glitchbitch
|b1| rhythm_maker - citycriticism
|b2| daniel fritschi - vortex


(Album) Landing
[CD, LP: Background Records, 2001]

|01| an electronic field |02| push the panic button
|03| normal music |04| meantime in a housecoat
|05| leap |06| passenger |07| in a white forest
|08| rubber palace |09| peel |10| it's like percussion

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