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Pianist & Composer, Masayasu Tzboguchi (from Tokyo Zawinul Bach, DATE COURSE PENTAGON ROYAL GARDEN) drops a new album showing new directions of acoustic/electronic Jazz. This is his first album in this kind of project where various elements such as afro funk, electronica, reggae and avant-garde mixes into the jazz based sound. Indeed the birth of cool & thrilling music.

In 2001, Masayasu invites the veteran drummer Nobuo Fujii and forms the "Masayazu Tszboguchi Acoustic Trio". Later on, bassist Masaaki Kikuchi known as "Tobi-Atama" and "Masaaki Kikuch SLASHTRIO" joins the group and becomes the now present Masayasu Tzboguch Trio. As a trio, they regularly play at "Roppongi Alfie", "Shinjuku PIT INN" etc. and also have toured twice in Japan. They have also participated in Naruyoshi Kikuchi's jazz album "Degustation A Jazz" and "Nanbei no Elizabeth Taylor" and also took part in his Quintet Live Dub band. The leader of this trio Masayasu Tszboguchi has released 6 albums so far under the name "Tokyo Zawinul Bach" which is a computer-based collage funk group. He is also the member of Naruyoshi Kikuchi's clustered-funk band "DATE COURSE PENTAGON ROYAL GARDEN" and also activates as solo and has released a studio album recorded in NY "Vigorous" (ewe Inc.) in July 2005 and the sequel album "Andrograffiti" in January 2006. A very active musician you could say. The drummer Nobuo Fujii is one of rare musician who can express the 60's & 70's jazz sound & feeling. Masaaki Kikuchi also has an original sense as a bassist and has a profound knowledge of contemporary classical music as well as jazz music.

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(Album) Radio-Acoustique    [CD: Flyrec, 2006]

|01| Jigzoo Ballad |02| Fujii Drive (feat. Dill)
|03| Radio Africa |04| Loop Silent Radio (feat. Jan Jelinek) |05| Oxidation |06| Bleu Arbre (feat. AOKI takamasa) |07| Call Division |08| Cats close to Rasta (feat. Pardon Kimura) |09| Poly Rhythm Change
|10| Sprout (feat. Sora)

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