Tautro started off in 2000 as an electronic project, venturing into the live sound of multi-patched analogue synths with sampler & tape technique. One year later, Tautro released two CD-R albums in quick succession.

"Tautro#chthon" (4/2001) digs deep into the substrata of the human psyche, combining the dark side of D'n'B with imaginary soundscapes in widescreen format. Five months later, "Tautro#pfen" (9/2001) was released with a fair amount of depth and organic feel in the tracks, just as the German title ("dewdrops") suggests. For the second release, the Nagoya based graphic designer Kondo Miwa created the artwork and electronic manga.

After a two year break, Tautro shifted in style and is now exploring the metropolitan prairie as mirror of mind in a mixed style of jazz, drum'n'bass and electronica akin to Amon Tobin, or in what is often called folk electronica in Japan.

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(Album) Tautro#pfen
[CD-R: self-released, 2001]

|01| portulaca |02| meander
|03| crimson |04| bendji
|05| farn |06| in limbo
|07| madelaine

(Album) Tautro#chthon
[CD-R: self-released, 2001]

|01| seraphite |02| weird
|03| distant glow
|04| políloquis |05| hääka
|06| sturmfahrer |07| neo

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