Four Color

Fourcolor is Keiichi Sugimoto's solo project founded in 1998. Keiichi is one half of the electronica duo Fonica, one quarter of the electro-acoustic group Minamo, and also releases under the alias FilFla. He is the mastermind behind the Tokyo-based label "Cubic music" and a producer of soundtracks for the Japanese experimental filmmaker Jun Miyazaki.

In his solo project Fourcolor, Keiichi uses computers, field recordings and laptop processed guitars, accentuating gradually evolving shades of sound that shift constantly in tone, in note, in colour and resonance, and which float along in warm, subtle and perplexingly complex, translucent movements.

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moph - textile


(V.A.) Textile    [CD: moph, 2006]

A compilation album with a total of 15 tracks by: the moph label owners, Mergrim, zariganicurry, Shotaro Hirata and tujiro; tracks by Ryu Nakagawa, chib, Piana, omb and others; plus two tracks by Fourcolor previously released on "Letter of Sound".


(Album) Letter of Sounds    [CD: 12k, 2006]

|01| 02 |02| rowboat (feat. Piana)
|03| season |04| fountain |05| flyaway
|06| vignette |07| leaves |08| frame

fourcolor_water mirror


(Album) Water Mirror    [CD: apestaartje, 2004]

|01| dip |02| fount |03| soaking
|04| in the pool |05| snow soup
|06| vaporize |07| steam

fourcolor_air curtain


(Album) Air Curtain    [CD: 12k, 2004]

|01| curves of air |02| empty sky 1 |03| ae
|04| 2 strings |05| cloud whereabouts
|06| as rain |07| empty sky 2
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four color

(Album) Four color    [CD: cubicmusic, 2000]

|01| vibe |02| hi time |03| warm On
|04| case |05| GrandcanyOn

after hours #12

(V.A.) After Hours    [CD: After Hours, 2000]

A compilation featuring tracks by David Grubbs, Test Pattern, Lettre E, State River Widening, Gel:, Syunichi Suge, World's end Girlfriend, Mas, RdL, Lali Puna, Subtle, Mark Kozelek, and a track by Four Color.


(Album) Track spoon    [CD: lascaux, 1999]

|01| cord set |02| air grip |03| ornette
|04| bite-off |05| signal |06| return
|07| see you

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