Oliver Hacke

Oliver Hacke

Oliver Hacke is a musician, DJ and mastering autodidact who studied Economic Sciences & Marketing. Identifying the technological aspect as the basis of his musical activities, Oliver consequently uses the term techno for his tracks and his DJ'ing.

Although caught between conceptual arrangements and aesthetic receptivity, Oliver says that Techno does not have "anything to say." It rather portrays and reflects moods and mental states, dependent on moments and emotions, from clubbing to taking a walk around a blue lake. His own tracks embrace a wide range of different feels and atmospheres, from deep to surreal or even vulgar.

As an experienced DJ, Oliver Hacke integrates surprising moments into his sets to lead the crowd on the dance floor. The function of music, according to Oliver, is Fun & Entertainment. Among his many influences, Oliver quotes the Powerbook scene, Christian Vogel, Suthek, and Isolee.

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Oliver Hacke – Millepieds Remixe
[12": Level Records, 2006]

Compiles remixes by Slg, Fax, Daniel Fritschi, Anders Ilar and Jeff Milligan of a track by Oliver Hacke called 'Millepieds'.


(Remix) The Vegetable Orchestra – Remix Triology Vol. II
[12": Karmarouge, 2005]

|a| Basteroid - Human Leak Mix
|b1| Oliver Hacke - Digi Ginger Mix
|b2| Oliver Hacke - Spinach Point Error Mix

  Download free MP3 'Cool as a Cucumber Mix' on Karmarouge


(EP) Subject Carrier    [12"/CD: Trapez, 2004]

|a1| |a2|
|b1| |b2|
|c1| |c2| |c3|
|d1| |d2|


(V.A.) Quartett EP    [12": Level Records, 2004]

|a1| oliver hacke - millepieds
|a2| andy vaz - glitchbitch
|b1| rhythm_maker - citycriticism
|b2| daniel fritschi - vortex


(EP) Country Grammar    [12": Background, 2004]

|01| Untitled
|02| Untitled
|03| Untitled
|04| Untitled


(EP) Polar 1    [12": Traum, 2003]

|01| 21:31
|02| 12:31


(EP) Lichtung EP    [12": Background, 2002]

|a1| Walk In The Woods
|a2| Lichtung
|b1| Dusk
|b2| Jiggy


(EP) Ausschnitt EP    [12": Trapez, 2001]

|a1| Egoscope
|a2| Schöner Wohnen
|b1| Panorama
|b2| Item/Get Down

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