Kyo Ichinose

Kyo Ichinose

Kyo Ichinose, born in 1972, started his career as a composer of contemporary music in the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. As a Master of Arts and an autodidact in electronic music, he is stepping across many borders. He wrote the score for a commercial film that received the "Cannes International Commercial Film Festival Bronze Prize" in 2002, and his sound designs for installations were shown in several exhibitions in Japan.

Ichinose's music evokes the sound "of the present" and is at the same time in search of "the universal and fundamental" beyond personal emotions. His compositions embrace actual score, field recordings, synthesizers, and computer generated sounds. In his live performances Ichinose merges acoustic instruments and laptop computer music into a kind of "extended" ensemble. "Lontano" is his second full-length album.

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(Album) lontano    [CD: cubic music, 2004]

|01| lontano#0 |02| 8 hands |03| lontano#1
|04| engine#6 |05| lontano#2 |06| never/always
|07| TOKYO |08| engine#5 |09| lontano#3
|10| a missed story

ichinose_mimikaki II

(V.A.) Mimikaki II    [CD: kuwagata records, 2003]

Compilation CD with tracks by Satoko Takahara, Ryuta Kawabata, Kyo Ichinose, 山路敦斗詩, Kinowaki Dogen, Rodrigo Segnini, haiti, Pirami, Imaripers, and Keiichi Shibuya.

Ichinose Joy

(Album) Machineries Of Joy
[CD: F.R.D. Record, 2002]

|01| Engine#1 |02| Planetarium |03| Engine#2
|04| Blue grains |05| Engine#3 |06| Installation
|07| Engine#4 |08| Difference mind
|09| The Machineries of Joy

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