Daniel Fritschi

Daniel Fritschi

Dusseldorf-based Daniel Fritschi has been strongly influenced by early hip hop since 1986. He started spinning records regularly as a drum&bass DJ in 1996. Two years later, he founded the real-audio website Break-Beats.

Daniel is known as an organiser of numerous events in Dusseldorf. He was one of the founders of an extraordinary illegal club called EGO, which they ran for two years in an old industrial-building in Düsseldorf. Many of the renowned electronic live acts who played there have been compiled and released on EGO-Recordings.

In 2004, Daniel started Level Records as a minimal electronic label on the edge of the dance floor.

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(V.A.) Top Ten 3/3
[12": Level Records, 2008]

Compiles tracks by Slg, jeff Milligan and Ekkohaus, as well as a track by Fax remixed by Daniel Fritschi.

paracaidas remixe

(V.A.) Fax – Paracaidas Remixe
[MP3: Static Discos, 2007]

Compiles remixes by Fax, Daniel Fritschi, Cubenx, Microesfera and Gustavo Lamas of a track by Fax called 'Paracaidas'.


(V.A.) Hake Lavasu EP     [12": sushitech, 2006]

5-track EP featuring tracks by molair, autómata, arnaud le texier and yossi ämoyal, as well as Daniel Fritschi's track interposition.


(Remix) Oliver Hacke – Millepieds Remixe
[12": Level Records, 2006]

Compiles remixes by Slg, Fax, Daniel Fritschi (daniel fritschi remix), Anders Ilar and Jeff Milligan of a track by Oliver Hacke called 'Millepieds'.

cyan_recs senales

(V.A.) Seņales EP     [Free MP3: Cyan Recs 2005]

A free netlabel release (zip) by Mexico-based Cyan Recs, featuring tracks by Fax, Planktonman, Karras, Antena, as well as Daniel Fritschi's track 'Step Aside'.


(EP) Intonation EP     [12": Level Records, 2005]

|a1| flexion-wavelet
|a2| adrift
|b1| follicle follies
|b2| interglacial


(V.A.) Quartett EP     [12": Level Records, 2004]

|a1| Oliver Hacke - Millepieds
|a2| Andy Vaz - glitchbitch
|b1| rhythm_maker - citycriticism
|b2| Daniel Fritschi - vortex

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