Andreas Fragel

Andreas Fragel

Andreas Fragel has indulged a passion for computer music since the early 1980s, starting off on an atari 1040. His music is characterised by elements of minimalism, best summarized as "reductionism not as commitment." Although never doing the same thing twice, Andreas displays a great love for sound: highly minimal with hints of melodies.

Andreas is also active in music and video production, does video clips, and composes classical scores for film and advertising. His music-for-art-videos include "Kuss" and "Ein Tisch und Zwei Teller" with Vladimir Frelih. The video clip for his own track 'komikon' entered the Oberhausen Video Award Film Festival.

He released several EPs on his own vinyl label MOS, and contributed tracks to "Trapez Limited 002" and to "Miss Kitten Radio Caroline."

 Download free MP3 || hotpoint (5'16" with 4.9 Mb)

Listen to Andreas Fragel

(EP) Katalog    [3x12": MOS6, 2001]

|a1| no name |b1| no name
|c1| no name |d1| no name
|e1| no name |f1| no name

(EP) Komikon    [12": MOS5, 2001]

|a1| Komikon
|a2| Komikon
|b1| Rue Malheur
|b2| "Bum"

(EP) Conad    [12": Traum, 2000]

|a1| hotpoint
|b1| rappel
|b2| icon

(EP) A Bulletin    [12": MOS4, 1999]

|a1| From Nothing ( )
|a2| From Bayern (Dult)
|b1| From 3 To 4 (1)
|b2| From Cash (Fun)

(EP) Untitled    [12": MOS2, 1999]

|a1| untitled
|a2| untitled
|b1| untitled
|b2| untitled

(EP) Untitled    [12": MOS1, 1999]

|a1| untitled
|a2| untitled
|b1| untitled
|b2| untitled

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