Hidenobu Ito

Hidenobu Ito

Inspired by a burning desire to create music with an experimental edge, Hidenobu produces tracks that are often incited by a pinch of cross-genre eroticism, from techno and house to break-beat, cut-up, collage, deep house, soundscapes and modern dance music.

Flirting with both hard and software gear since the early 1990s, Hidenobu has released his "sound drawings" on labels as varied as TripTrap, NS-com, Flyrec, Subrosa, Ryoondo-Tea, Fenou and Level Records, time and again testing the boundaries of musical expressions and listener expectations.

His latest passion is Tokyo-based Elegant Disc, his own imprint, whose mission might best be summarized by the rhetorical question of what Maurice Ravel, Frank Zappa and Antonio Carlos Jobim have in common. The answer: four composers in love with new harmonies.

Elegant Disc is an electronica and Japanese avant-pop label that aims to broaden the notions and sensitivities of experimental (electronic) pop music.

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Listen to Hidenobu Ito

(EP) Wake    [12": mo's ferry, 2007]

|A1| Wake
|A2| Voicedelique
|B1| Micro 2
|B2| Voicedelique (Krikor rmx)

(V.A.) top ten 2/3    [12": Level Records, 2007]

|A1| Ferenc Vaspoeri – Prestige
|A2| Hidenobu Itou – Red
|B1| Antionelli Electr. – Materialized
|B2| Fax – Voltage

(V.A.) 25    [12": mo's ferry, 2007]

|A1| Butane – Nowhere Kansas
|A2| Tanaka Hideyuki – Let Me See
|B1| Hidenobu Ito – Kick
|B2| Dapayk Solo – Cleansea

(Album) kiss    [CD: Elegant Disc, 2006]

|01| kiss |02| sex'n'lovers |03| girlfriend
|04| 嫉妬 |05| i want you |06| beautifull
|07| office lady |08| 愛撫 |09| ayatori
|10| orgasm

(Album) Lover / Cable    [10": Fenou, 2006]

|A1| Hidenobu Ito (feat. urara) – Lover
|B1| Polaris Pulsations – Cable

(Album) Love the End    [CD: Elegant Disc, 2005]

|01| Inside, outside |02| クレイジーラヴ
|03| メイクラヴ |04| イマスグヤリタイ
|05| Playback |06| Sexual Rendezvous
|07| エピキュリアン|08| Sadistic.M
|09| Insert |10| 10月12日


(Album) First Love    [CD: Flyrec, 2002]

|01| theme of first love |02| cut |03| twilights
|04| cyborg dance |05| double meaning leg
|06| bed side manners |07| handmade lace
|08| old tapes |09| twisted sign wave
|10| dream diagram |11| metal dancer
|12| angelfish |13| scull |14| 南極旅行
|15| 踊り子の休日 |16| ロボットナース
|17| モダ~ンカクテル |18| air language
|19| 小人ショー |20| moment

(Remix) Yoshihiro Hanno – April Remixes
[CD: Cirque, 2001]

Featuring remix tracks by Oval, World's End Girlfriend, AOKI Takamasa, Kama-Aina, Ryoma Maeda, Takanishi Tomoyasu, Christophe Charles, as well as Hidenobu Ito.

(Remix) Yoshihiro Hanno – April >> Remixes
[CD: Sub Rosa, 2001]

Featuring several tracks and an edit by Yoshihiro Hanno himself, as well as tracks remixed by Oval, Christophe Charles and Hidenobu Ito.

(Album) Bedroom in the cage
[CD: NS-COM, 1999]

|01| Prologue |02| Sweet Ambiguous Inbetween
|03| Heterogenous Rationality |04| Memory of Sound
|05| Dawn Melancholique |06| Foresight
|07| Universe Within |08| Dogra Magra
|09| Ambivalent Black Note |10| Eureka Nuit
|11| Third Ear |12| Whim |13| Eccentric Morning
|14| Heaven |15| Illusion |16| Piano
|17| Boy Like an Old Man |18| Plants |19| Epilogue

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